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1. Description:

Automatic the small noodle production line is my company based on research of similar products at home and abroad,the development, the production of miniaturized production features a new generation of products. Perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, reliable performance.
Production from flour to finished products automatically once completed, the high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate yield, energy saving, small footprint, the investment is only one tenth of large equipment, with less investment, quick features, particularly suitable for medium small and individual businesses.
The production line of corrugated instant noodles, rehydration time is short, good elasticity, smoothness and transparency, comparable with large market popular equipment.
2. Raw materials: adopts wheat flour as raw materials
3. Capacity:
4. Flow chart:
Dough maker-Main machine-Boiling machine-Cutting machine-Fryer-Cooler
5. Voltage in China:
Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers’ Local voltage according to different countries
6. Machines Materials:
Machine Material: Stainless Steel #304, thickness:1.2mm
Main Motor: Siemens China brand
Main Electric elements: Siemens or CHNT brand

Inverter: Delta brand
7. Technical Parameters
Model        Installed power         Real power                 Output                          Dimension
PX-E              82kw                           50kw                     11000pcs/8h            23000*1500*1800mm
PX-S             10kw                    Steam:0.5T 10kw       11000pcs/8h            23000*1600*1800mm

  Instant Noodles Processing Line

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