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​​​1. What is artificial rice?
Artificial rice is a grain product made to resemble rice. It is usually made from broken rice, sometimes with the addition of other cereals, and often fortified with micronutrients, including minerals such as iron and zinc and vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin B.

Corn artificial rice production line adopts computer control and micropore extrusion technology for reengineering molding. It has the similar appearance with rice, but their nutrition and features are different. We can use our patent technology to keep the original nutritional ingredients. The corn artificial rice is bright and has golden color, compact structure, balanced nutrition, and strong health care effect. It is easily cooked, and has no need of washing. The storage period is long. We can steam, boil and braise the corn artificial rice directly when we cook. We can also mix the corn artificial rice with ordinary rice together by certain proportions. The cooked rice has chewy taste and pure aromatic corn flavor.

2. Raw materials:

adopts  broken rice, corn, millet, wheat, oats, buckwheat, bean, starch as main ingredient, and some other vitamin and mineral as part of ingredient.

3. Products: artificial rice, nutritional rice, reconstituted rice.

4. Capacity: 120kg-150kg/h

5. Flow chart: Mixing system---Extrusion system---- -Drying system---Packing system

6. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers' Local voltage according to different countries

7. Machines Materials:  Stainless Steel #304, thickness:1.2mm;Main Motor: Siemens China brand ;Main Electric elements: Siemens or CHNT brand;Inverter: Delta brand

8. Technical Parameters

Model        Installed power       Real power        Output                       Dimension

PX70                115kw                 76kw           100-150kg/h           23000x1500x2200mm

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