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​​​1. Description:
The production line is designed based on advanced extrusion technology, its quality and operation have reached the domestic advanced level. This production line has changed the traditional production process of bread crumbs. It’s a fully automatic production line which including mixing, extrusion, cutting, crushing and drying. Bread crumbs are widely used in food supplements for the surface coating of fried foods such as fried chicken, fish, seafood, and onion rings. Its flavor is crispy, soft, delicious, and nutritious.

2. Raw materials: adopts corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley etc as ingredients 
3. Products:
Bread crumb and breadcrumb products in various shapes such as flake ( snowflake flake ), needle and fine grain.

4. Capacity: 150kg/h, 240kg/h, 500kg/h 

5. Flow chart:
Mixing system---Extrusion system---- Bread chaff cutting machine----Hoist---Flour chaff machine----Hoist---- Chaff screening machine----Dryer----Cooling conveyor

6. Voltage in China:
Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers’ Local voltage according to different countries

7. Machines Materials:
All the machines are made by stainless steel
8. Technical Parameters
       Model                Installed power           Real power                   Output                                  Dimension
       PX65                        81.5kw                         53kw                      100-150kg/h                   21000x1200x2200mm
       PX70                        115kw                          76kw                      200-240kg/h                   23000x1500x2200mm
       PX85                        181kw                         117kw                     400-500kg/h                   28000x3500x4300mm

 Bread Crumbs Processing Line

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