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Magic pop machine​

1. Description:
PX90 and PX150 are a instant snack machine which is capable of producing crisp and delicious grain crackers in front of the customers. 
It has been designed such that the customer can watch its novel baking method.
It creates a large pop when the pop cake comes out of the machine, hence its name Pop Cake. 
It is always the center of attention, and its crispy but also soft texture is loved by 
everyone, from young children to the elders.
It is enjoyed all around and is also a fresh and healthy grain snack.

Advantages of PX90 and PX150
Firstly, it is very effective at grabbing customers’ attention.
Its trademark "pop" sound is a eye-catcher, and does not need additional advertisement.
Secondly, it is soft and delicious.
Everyone enjoys its soft but also crisp texture, and more flavors can be added for preferred taste.
Thirdly, it is hard to imitate.
PX90 and PX150 uses especially made grain pellets which require large scale equipment to 
produce which makes it hard to imitate.
Fourthly, it is easy to use
PX90 and PX150  can be easily operated by anyone.

2. Technical Parameter