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1. Description:

Meat bone separator/deboning machine
All the equipment adopts high- quality stainless steel, durable, simple structure, safe and easy to operate, easy to clean, easy accessibility,no supplies. Key parts are made from exported material.
Material can be separate:chicken duck, goose, rabbit,fish, (Suchas chicken skeleton, full frame, half, whole chicken, chick neck, chicken drum, chicken bone cartilage meat forketc.)primary separation finished at once time. save manpower.
Production rate of up to (according to the specific parameters of the raw material production rate may be) between65% -90%
Isolated mess characteristics:
1. good color can add a lot;
2. no bone residue and good taste;
3.the structure of the meat tissue damage is small, with flaky, filamentous, block improve product quality;
4. from the separation to the use the meat has been in subzero temperatures, bacteria hard to breed , hard to oxidized, maintain the flavor of little influence.

2. Machines Materials:

Machine Material: Stainless Steel #304, thickness:1.2mm

Main Motor: Siemens China brand

Main Electric elements: Siemens or CHNT brand

Inverter: Delta brand

3. Technical Parameters​​

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Meat Bone Separator/Deboning Machine